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Android Application Development Course Contents

Styling of Views

Using Themes for styling Activities

Extending Android themes (Holo)


List Views and List Activity

List View

List Activity

Defining List Adapter

Performance Optimization


File based Persistence


File and Access restrictions




Androids security concept

Using Permissions

Defining Permissions


Network Communication

Apache HTTP Client





Asynchronous Processing in Android


User Interface Updates via Threads

Androids Limits - Application Not Responding

Using Handler for message communication

Using AsyncTask


SQLite and Content Provider

Using the SQLite Database in Android

Outlook: Using and defining Content Provider

Outlook: Loader



Android System Services, Alert Manager, Vibrator Manager, etc

Outlook: Definition of own Services


Broadcast Receiver

Definition of a Broadcast Receiver

Registration of own Broadcast Receiver


Notification Manager

Using the Notification Manager

Notification Builder

Rich Notifications


Canvas API for custom Views

Defining custom Views

Canvas API

View state persistence


Location Services and Google Maps

Location based Services

Google Maps


Geo coding / Reverse Geo coding

Using GPS, Wifi, ...


Home Screen Widgets

Remote Views and Pending Intents

Updates with a fixed time interval

Updates with Services


Using Android Sensors

Accelerometer Remote Views and Pending Intents




Audio and Video

Playing and recording audio

Playing and recording video


Professional Testing

Overview Android testing

Android Test Project Updates with a fixed time interval

Using Robotium


Targeting Tablets and Smartphone’s

Overview Fragments

Multi-Pane Layouts with Fragments

Designing layouts for tablets and phones



Deployment Option

Markets (Google Play / Amazon)

DURATION: 3 Months (Weekend)

FEES : 17000/- (Per student)

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