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Java Course Contents

Introduction to Java

What is Java?

Object oriented programming

Internet Programming

Platform Independency

Internet Security


OOPs concepts and their implementation in Java

OOPs concept , its properties and uses

Defining methods and variables in Java

Class Member and instance members

Java First Program

Role of Constructor

Use of Final Keywords

Memory Management Using Garbage collector

Overloading and Overriding

Use of this and supper Keywords


Dynamic Binding and Static Binding

Runtime Polymorphism and its Power

Abstract class and Interfaces

Inner / Nested classes and its uses





Introduction of Package

Programs Related to Packages

Scope of Access Modifiers


Exception Handling

Introduction of exception and Error

Throwable class

Try, catch and finally blocks

Throw and throws Keywords

Checked and Unchecked Exception

User Define Exception



What is Program, Process, and Thread?

Multiprocessing, multithreading and multitasking

Use of sleep () and suspend Methods

Integrated Thread Synchronization

Use of wait (), notify () and notify All () Methods


String Handling

String class

String Buffer class

String Builder class

String Tokenize class


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